How Brian First Delivers

Brian First Publishing offers to make the process of publishing your manuscript transparent, fair, equitable, and cost effective. The company will ensure that authors of diverse backgrounds get wide exposure for their works through multiple mediums that will drive sales. We offer to bring within the reach of our client authors services that the traditional publishing realm provide their elite authors. We invite you to utilize and capitalize on our services. Let us make your dream a reality. Your success is our success!

publishing distributions channels - iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon
Publishing distribution channels


Manuscript submission and acceptance

All work must be submitted via email to:

The manuscript should be uploaded as an email attachment.

Authors must also submit as email attachments (1) an introductory statement that includes a brief summary of the manuscript’s content and why the book is worth reading (2) a statement about you, the author – your style of story telling, talents that make you unique as a writer, and any other relevant information or credentials that set you apart from fellow writers.

Manuscripts that we consider generally fall within the following categories: children’s books, animal stories, short stories, novels, biographies, memoires, documentaries, food and dining, travelogue. Feel free to also submit books on related areas.

Acceptance for publication will be based on the quality of your product. If the work is stellar, we will publish it “as is.” If it is of high quality but needs fine tuning, we are ready to work with you to bring it to the publication level and then publish it.

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Have you heard it said that the time and money you spend in getting your work published is an investment? Have these same people whom you remunerated reached potential audiences for your work and affected sales?

If the answer is no, take a look at the services we provide to see if they will work for you.

Book Editing and Proofing

Editing and Proofing

Unless you want your content published “as is” (already edited and proofed), our team of professionals will be able to help you fine-tune your manuscript by offering content/copy editing and proofing. We can fit our work schedule to your time and work place requirements. You will be able to directly access our editors for discussion of proposed changes and for finalizing them.

Book Cover Designing

Cover / Interior Design

The cover design significantly affects a book’s journey. An effective design give the reader an idea of what the book entails and can significantly sway the reader into purchasing your book.

You may choose to provide us a manuscript that is fully designed – the cover and the interior — with images already in place. But if you want that done, we can provide for you to select thousands of stock images that best represent your story for the cover as well as for the interior. You can also utilize our illustrator to customize illustration for your cover and the interior.

Book Marketing Services


We will offer your work worldwide exposure through numerous electronic channels including popular public venues such as Amazon. Marketing will include word of mouth campaign, press releases, email marketing, display on our publishing website, and social media marketing through our cadre of bloggers and through Google+, Facebook store, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Libraries will also be involved in marketing your work. As our distribution partners, libraries utilize advance catalogs to publish titles on a monthly basis. Your title can be annotated and included in the catalog, which is made accessible to around 7,000 U.S. booksellers and libraries and to 27,000 international and domestic retailers.

Manuscript Evaluation


After the work has been fully fine-tuned, the author will receive a copy to review and finalize. Upon finalizing, the manuscript will be converted to PDF for print distribution as hard or soft cover publication and/or as digital copy; you will choose the option.

Global Book Distribution

Global Distribution

Through global distribution of your manuscript via major online retailers, your work will get exposure to readers worldwide. The goal is to generate sales of your product for maximal earnings.


Your cost will depend on which of our services you wish to utilize. We will work with you to get the most for your dollar, regardless.

Below is a break down of our charges:

Manuscript Evaluation Services
Manuscript evaluation:


Content Writing Services

$35 – $50 / hour

(higher rate applies for shorter publication).

Content Copy Charges

$35 – $50 / hour

(higher rate applies for shorter publication).

Book Editing & Proofing
Editing & Proofing:

$35 – $50 / hour

(higher rate applies for shorter publication).

Book Layout Designing

$45 – $85 / hour

(higher rate applies for shorter publication).

Book Cover Designing
Cover design:

$100 – $400

regardless of length.

Book Printing Services

Minimum of $300.

Online Book Distribution
Online distribution:

Minimum of $300.

Book Marketing Services

$1500 (recommend at least $2,000)

set price for press releases / social media exposure.


Library Marketing
Library marketing:

$85 / per title

Illustration Designing Services

$35 – 50 / hour

(for novel/children’s book):

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