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The husband who never loved / Ebook


The Mackintoshes were never alone in their field trips sailing the waves of the blue sea. They often had a special guest on board, Jenny. It was Tim’s idea that she came along for the ride and Laurie agreed. Since she was a family friend, there was nothing that concerned her about his request. Tim also brought along his closest friend Dexter for the eight-day summer adventure. Laurie was too busy conversing with Dexter that she didn’t notice her friend’s sluttish behavior. Tim’s voracious sexual needs and Jenny’s irresistible charm awakened in Tim his latent lustful desires.


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This is a familiar but timeless story of a man who worked his
way up the ladder to seemingly have it all — a loving wife, a lucrative position as a business entrepreneur, bountiful fortune,
three finely raised children, and all the comforts and luxuries
for a wonderful life. Yet, this very man had aberrant tendencies
that would lead his marriage down rocky and murky pathways
of lies, lust, kinky sex, deceptions, and betrayal!
Yes, this is all too common amongst us, and yet, there is some-
thing distinctive in this particular life story. Read on and you
will see how the turn of events impacts on the man’s stoic and
steadfast wife – how the cycle of unrequited emotional love, depression, anxiety, and desperation ferments in the young lady’s
psyche and eventually overpowers her despite her best efforts.
The final turn of events reveals the true essence of this story.

This is the story of Tim Mackintosh, a prominent
businessman of Rockland County Florida with a
wife, Laurie, and three kids, Taylor, Ronnie, and Jade.
His aspirations took him away from his hometown, Tuscan
Creek Mississippi, and his folks who wanted him to stay to
run a family-owned shop.
Early on, Tim’s father had inherited a rich and luscious green
acre of land. He decided to farm and raise cattle and sheep
there and then open a family shop selling dairy products and
vegetables. Tim was to inherit the shop, keep it running and
keep the family legacy going. But that was not to be. Tim’s
fascination was with books and the bright big city lights. He
was not going to be just a rural colored farm boy. He cast his
eyes on bigger things, much bigger.
Tim was also a good football player at school. It became his
passion to master the art of the game. Although he was exposed to the nitty-gritty of running a family business through
his father, the idea did not entice him. When he received a
full scholarship to play football at State Miami University
(SMU), it was just what he wanted. He left for Florida without
a second thought. His father was broken-hearted.


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